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When Home Remodeling Gets Interesting

When Home Remodeling Gets Interesting
October 17, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

Should you purchase a standard set of house plans or is it better to work with an architect?

Buying a pre-designed set of house plans works best when properties are level and building regulations are simply.  Plans have to be fairly generic to appeal to a wider audience.

Homeowners are attracted to them to save the cost of an architectural. House plans from a reputable sources can work well but homeowners should realize what they are, and are not getting.

Working with an architect is essential when building sites are more complex.  While it costs a little more money upfront, the return on investment is many-fold since an architect can custom tailor the house to the property and enhance the property’s best features.  

An architect will also specify building materials that maximize the quality of construction. Lumber is not just lumber any longer.  Take advantage of the many “green” and more eco-friendly building materials which today’s buyers are really interested it.

The architect’s design can create best structural solutions. For example, steel beams (steel video) can be designed so they carry a lot of structural load but they will not intrude into living spaces. An architect can provide oversight on the builder, possibly catch hidden details. (Consciousness video). Here is the most important, and less talked about advantage of bringing in an architect: Most homeowners are not familiar with a lot of today’s building materials. Yet they are asked to make important money decisions about soooo many products. An experienced architect can and, in my view should be an integral part of a homeowner’s product selections. Even as a designer, I even like to have input from another professional.

House plans are the beginning of a long building process. Think of them as an important outline which require the filling in on a lot of details throughout the construction process. Think carefully who you want on your team to oversee the builder and the building process.