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What do to with the Christmas Tree? Recycle it!

What do to with the Christmas Tree? Recycle it!
January 5, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

P1030127-2-290x290Sending your Christmas tree to the tree grave yard is a sad scene post every Christmas.  Once the needles start dropping, it’s nice to get it out of your home. I get that, but why not use...

still good looking branches to freshen up outside containers.  It’s simple ! It’s cost effective! This one is at a front entrance door.  See the before/after below and ask yourself: Which one should greet you and your friends?

Buying clipped spruce branches at the nursery can get expensive since containers always require a lot of material to make them look lust and beautiful.

Here is a fun and easy to do project……Step I: Photograph your outside containers.  It illustrates just how weather worn they are at this point in the winter season:

weather worn

Step II: If you already go rid off your Christmas tree, simply go to your Town’s tree drop off.  You will find even really fresh and beautiful trees.  Warning: It is a bit depressing to see all of these discarded spruce trees. One tip: Get more branches than you think you will need – it always takes more to fully fill containers!

Christmas tree grave yard

Step III: Empty it all out . Give yourself a fresh start:



And there you have it – from old and tattered to fresh & beautiful – Recylce your Christmas Tree….Extend it’s life in three simple and fun to-do steps: