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What Color should your Shutters be?

What Color should your Shutters be?
September 11, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Shutters often have a huge visual impact on the look of a house.  They add dimension and “dress up” even old windows. But don’t just choose blackit’s the default color of most builders.  The right color is critical – here are the three color selection criteria:

(1) Select a shudder color that works with the color of your roof.

Yes, you read correctly – the roof!  Shudders visually anchor or ground a house.  You might think the color of the surrounding ground, ie. the color of flagstone will do just that but the opposite is true – go with the color of your roof.

(2) Get the right weight. The body or mass of a house, even of a small one is substantial.  Selecting a light color lacks the visual presence or weight. Don’t select a light color; choose a medium to darker color instead.

(3) Specify the right sheen.  Don’t ever “blitz” exterior trim, which includes decorative shudders with gloss paint.  Sunlight will naturally brighten things on the outside of a house.  On the other end of the spectrum, don’t paint shudders with flat paint either – it will deaden them.  Best choice: Eggshell finish.

Big mistake: Plastic shutters that get screwed directly on the siding of a house.  The look fake every time and simply do not provide any dimension. Save your money!

For more before-and-after shudder images check out my recently produced “Front Entrance” video. You’ll see a big difference the shudder color makes right away.

As I point out in the video, patterns are an important element. View the layout/structure of a shudder as a pattern.   See the difference between plantation shutter (before) and paneled shudders (after). I think the impact speaks for itself.