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What are your Squirrels telling you?

What are your Squirrels telling you?
September 2, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

The last time I observed squirrels eating as much as this year we were in for a long and hard winter.   Perhaps it’s time to get your house & property ready…  Here are three improvements with impact on the comfort level in your house this coming winter:

(1) Do the drains around the house work properly? We talked about it before…have you ever checked them? Be sure they are working fully! Don’t risk flooding your basement.

(2) Planning to upgrade your old windows? Today’s replacement windows cut down drafts enormously – your house will feel downright toasty with them.

(3) Thinking about a new furnace? Replace it and capture energy efficiencies today. It will likely save you a bundle. Energy costs are only going to go up esp. given all the trouble in the Middle East.

And here is one super simple, MUST DO DIY upgrade everyone can do…check out this video

Don’t wait – get ready!