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Weather Alert – Prepare your Pipes !!!

Weather Alert – Prepare your Pipes !!!
January 6, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

With temperatures in the single digits there is no room for error.  Any slight draft in an exterior wall can freeze copper pipes.  Here is what you can do….

Naturally, it’s best to have all of your pipes insulated.  But that’s the “summer” diy to-do.  Let’s hope you cleaned your gutters and will avoid freeze up of the roof.  As an immediate measure drip your pipes – cold water will do!

Even the slightest drip / flow of water can save your pipes from freezing up and bursting later once temperatures let up and allow thaw to occur.

Avoid an expensive pipe repair expense.  Spend the little bit of money for the few gallons of water.  It’s well worth it !!!!!!