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Wallpaper – Attached or Unattached

Wallpaper – Attached or Unattached
August 5, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Just when you thought home décor was done with wallpapers and faux finish wall treatments were the rage in comes a whole new wallpaper experience: Wallpaper is self-adhesive and peels easily.Wallpapers have always been a way to give a room a dramatic look But what if you do not like it once it’s installed? Installations used to be messy and involved starting with the soaking of the paper in glues…. Once up, you had better like it – it was pretty permanent.  So how about a self-adhesive temporary wallpaper?!

It sounds too good to be true.  But not any more: Today there is TempaperTheir adhesives make the wallpaper stick to the wall and let you rip it easily when you are ready for change WITHOUT damage to the walls.

  • Does your lease stipulate no damage and/or change to walls? Tempaper is your win-win… get a look that you like and peel when it’s time to move
  • Do you desire a fun look for your child? Tempaper looks can grow with the age and interests of you child
  • Do you feel drawn to a particular look and are concerned you might outgrow it in the not so distant future? Tempaper changes easily

Tempaper is a water-based product with a vinyl coating at the surface.  This makes it possible to wipe surfaces clean.  Do not be concerned if your child decides to mark up the walls with crayons.  Simple peel it off and replace the section with new Tempaper – it has never been easier.

The owner of this innovative US product line tells us their products rank as “safe & friendly”.  Their use of a vinyl surface coating does not afford Tempaper the “green” status though adhesives and inks are eco-friendly.

TIP: Ready to get rid of the old wallpaper you have up but you dreaded the removal?  Here is one time saving tip you will tell your friends about:

Use “Dawn” dish soap mixed in water instead of commercially available wallpaper strippers. It does a fabulous job! Enjoy redecorating your home!