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The Greenwich House

Welcome to The Greenwich House

Sabine is in Greenwich, Connecticut with her latest project for Sabine’s New House, The Greenwich House.  Follow along as we take a look at the process of building this new house and discover great new building techniques and innovative products. Subscribe to our channel for all the latest.

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We’re excited that The Greenwich House was selected as a Finalist in Architecture for the 11th Annual Innovation in Design Awards presented by Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.


Innovation Overview


Crestron – Control everything from the heating and cooling systems, to lighting, to audio/video components, shades and draperies, security system from easily accessible switches, touch screens or mobile devices.

SunBriteTV – Outdoor entertainment goes the extra mile with the SunBriteTV which is designed specifically for outdoor use. This true all-weather, outdoor LED-LCD TV delivers superior brightness, while being weatherproofed against rain, dirt, insects, extreme temperatures and UV rays. Get ready for great game days and evening movies on this outdoor porch.


Cosentino – Dekton by Cosentino is the new ultra compact indoor and outdoor counter. You can’t scratch it, burn it or stain it. Gone are the days of the cutting board. It is the ultimate anti-microbial surface and reduces the risk of food cross contamination in the kitchen.

Stauf Adhesives – The floors were installed using the Stauf zero-VOC floor adhesive . It not only serves as a glue for wider wood boards, but also helps to control impact noise creating a quieter living space.

Sherwin-Williams Harmony Paint – Beyond being a zero-VOC formula, it goes one step further by reducing common indoor odors from your pets, cooking and smoke. Harmony contains new technology that helps improve indoor air quality by reducing VOC levels from potential sources like carpet, cabinets and fabrics and it also gives your walls a washable, durable finish.

Rubio Monocoat Floor Finish – This zero-VOC floor finish has left the whole house smelling of flowers as a result of its natural based linseed oil and beeswax ingredients. The finish is able to molecularly bond to the wood surface providing top level protection for the wood floors. Fix scratches without resanding the entire floor.

Zehnder ERV System – As we further super-insulate our homes, completely sealing them off to the outdoors, the issue of indoor air quality has become a concern. EPA estimates that indoor air quality is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. With this in mind, we wanted to make sure we have fresh, healthy air circulating throughout the home which is why we chose an energy recovery ventilation system from Zehnder.  Zehnder has been making these units in Europe for years and it’s now becoming available in the U.S. market. The system brings fresh air into the home, while expelling stale air out post reclaiming the energy content. Fresh air comes into the home and passes through a series of filters that remove pollen and other airborne contaminates.

Häcker Cabinets – Glues in kitchen cabinets are a common hidden source of chemical off-gassing. Häcker Cabinets made in Germany by contrast meet some of the strictest healthy house requirements in the world. Using zero-VOC adhesives and highly recyclable materials, these cabinets aren’t just a stylish and high quality, but they are made in a way that you can feel good about having them in your home.


Weyerhaeuser Lumber – Engineered lumber from Weyerhaeuser is the superior lumber product because it is produced under strict quality controls, utilizes more of the wood boards and produces less waste. It can use fast growing new growth sources to preserve old growth forests. The product results in straighter walls and a heightened level of quality to the overall construction. Weyerhaeuser also owns and manages 20 million acres of forests with a strong commitment to sustainability and wildlife conservation.

Jeld-Wen Windows – Jeld-Wen’s UV coating measurably reduces heat buildup in the house resulting in less air conditioning and greater energy efficient living. Their patented Auralast wood treatment prevents rot, pest damage, mold and mildew. This allows for a product that encompasses the beauty and low environmental impact of wood windows, along with the long-term durability.

Henry Company BlueSkin – The energy efficient house wrap. This exterior air and moisture barrier is breathable and reduces your energy loss through the roof and walls by 40%.

Cosentino – ECO by Cosentino® is an original product manufactured from 75% of recycled materials such as mirror, glass, porcelain, earthenware and vitrified ash. Even 94% of the water used in its manufacturing process is re-used.

Hull Forest Products – The white oak hardwood floors throughout the home are gorgeous and sustainably harvested. The company embraces sustainable forestry as a passion and a key focus of their business is helping to manage some of the healthiest forests in New England.

Miele – Every aspect of Miele’s appliances, made in Germany, is designed for maximum energy efficiency and a minimum use of resources. In fact, Miele appliances rank among the most energy-efficient products on the market.

GeoThermal System – The GeoThermal System was installed by AMHAC using a modulated system manufactured by Carrier for more efficient and less consumptive heating and cooling. Over the last 10 years geothermal systems have been well tested and proven as viable alternative to fossil fuels.