Vaulted Ceilings made Easy – YES!

Vaulted Ceilings made Easy – YES!
August 9, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Everyone loves barrel vault ceilings in hallways and domed ceilings in formal entrances.  Vaults add elegance and sophistication. They simply look impressive every time… after you are done installing them.  Installations can test anyone’s patience….until you know about Flex-C Plate.Flexi-C Plate can be used to make any architectural shape you desire.  The sky is the limit…from vaulted ceilings to domes to curved walls.  You buy unshaped or straight Flexi track, which is made of galvanized steel and comes in different sizes and gauges.  Mark out the desired design and hammer in a so-called “hammer-lock tab”.  Adding sections together is simple.  The company has a how-to video right on their website to illustrate the process.

One of the keys in installing vaulted ceilings is laser sharp, exact edges.  Walk along a hallway with a vaulted ceiling and you want to feel it is straight from beginning to end. Working with a precise and replicable pattern provides 70% of the installation challenge.  A couple of laser lines to mark end points on either side, and it’s done! This is what Flex-C-Plate makes possible.  It is a time saver and a tool to ensure quality installations.

I really wonder why I our architect never mentioned this product.  I happen to have found it post the installation of the domed hallway ceiling shown in the photo.

As a service to fellow builders and homeowners, we are happy to point out home improvement products that save time and assure precision! This combination is the way to top-quality workmanship every time. Discover this product for yourself!

Homeowners: demand it from your builder! Gone are your carpenters’ excuses around how complicated and time-consuming the barrel vault installation is!