“Unhinged” – Poor Product Design

“Unhinged” – Poor Product Design
January 29, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

I purchased basic VonMorris cabinet hinges for a recent kitchen remodel.  VonMorris is generally regarded as a quality hardware brand.  However, the bottom finials keep unscrewing and dropping… to the floor or counter.

Sometimes, this is followed by the hinge’s internal pin- note: pins are directional, or pins have a top and a bottom.  Wrong assembly and the pins drop down without the bottom finial stopping them.  This is really annoying!

It’s clear that opening and closing cabinet doors work the finials.  Look closely and you can even see the mark from the bottom finial on the paint finish.  The solution is really simple:

Design a hinge where the top and bottom finials are just a bit smaller than the body of the hinge itself.  This way the finials never touch the doors during normal opening closing.

Where are the industrial designers here???? You would think a hardware company is onto such important details….

Some things are so small & simple and yet can be so big!