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Understated Lighting Fixtures where Quality Shines

Understated Lighting Fixtures where Quality Shines
October 8, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

At first blush the FontanaArte table lamps/ light fixtures look so basic you might walk right by them.  But just as you do something about them catches your eye. What is it? It is the quality of the light and the beauty of this fixture.   The light gently shines through hand-blown glass. Both the base and the light shade are made of the same frosted, hand-blown glass with a simple white metal base.

Fontana comes in three sizes, the small one measuring 13.3” high up to the biggest, which measures 30.7” high.  The base widens with each height increase.  More importantly, the light settings also vary.  While the small and medium units illuminate both the base and the shade separately, the biggest 30.7” unit has an additional, third light band at the top.  It creates an up-lighting effect.

As much as I am and remain a personal fan of Fontana  it is worth noting that today’s fixtures are made poorly in comparison to older units.  The glass of the light shade, for example is less than half its original thickness. Since Fontana is made so simply of one material this difference cannot be overlooked.

Put an older unit next to one made today and the impact is so significant that both cannot be in the same room.

Considering that FontanaArte is generally grouped into high-end fixtures this cut back on material is a sad development.  It almost suggests the manufacturer no longer understands the essence of this light fixture.  I hope this article serves to encourage the manufacturer to return Fontana back to its roots.  Quality never goes out of style!  High-end consumers understand the difference in quality.

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