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Solutions to Ugly Home Décor in Kitchens

Solutions to Ugly Home Décor in Kitchens
August 6, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

Cords, cords, cords – everything right down to picture frames today has cords.  You buy a beautiful floor lamp, find the perfect place in the room and wind up with yet another ugly looking cord since an outlet never seems to be nearby.

The more technology, the more cords.  While wireless technology has improved matters a lot, but you still have to power up a computer or a printer.

I have seen people punch holes into beautiful antique oriental rugs just to run the cord underneath it.  OUCH !!! There are better solutions:

There are better solutions:

Wall outlets in kitchens are generally specified by code.  They are in the backsplash walls, one of the most visible parts of the kitchen.  Having only two outlets in the work are isn’t really enough either. Why not pop up a stack of plugs instead ?!

Check out all of the fun and functional outlets / grommets from Mockett. The company makes a whole variety of attractive looking grommets.  From simple plastic to heavy-duty metal ones – spending a little bit of money to “organize away” ugly power lines is so worth it.  This is one effective way to give your home visually pleasing and functional design.