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To all “Car Guys”: No Need to Give up Your Favorite Toy when Downsizing

To all “Car Guys”: No Need to Give up Your Favorite Toy when Downsizing
August 13, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Moving to a smaller place and don’t know where to park it? Fear no more!  There are new creative solutions… to tight garages and tight properties. If you can have elevators to move people vertically, why not do the same with cars?!

This is more needed than ever given today’s trends toward

• Living closer to downtown with its smaller parcels even in the suburbs
• Increasingly restrictive zoning & building regulations for above-ground

Companies like CarDok offer much needed garage/ parking solutions. Their lifts eliminated the need for access ramps and side-by-side above-ground garages. What a great thing!

In Asian countries like Singapore garages equipped with lifts are part of many luxury apartment buildings. The idea: park your car right off the living room – never be without view of your “favorite toy”. It begs the question: Are these bachelor buildings since this definitely appeals to the male population…?

Back to the more ordinary: Car lifts made by companies like BendPak can double stack cars inside a garage provided proper headroom exists. So have your daily driver and your convertible fun car in one parking space.

Finally, car-turning platters help maneuver cars into tight spaces thus parking more cars in given spaces.

If you consider yourself a gear head or a car collector check out the many solutions today’s technology provides for innovative parking solutions….a lot can be done when you can maximize the use of above-ground real estate  and find better access underground spaces…!

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