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Time Tested Stone for Your Kitchen Remodels & Bathroom Remodels

Time Tested Stone for Your Kitchen Remodels & Bathroom Remodels
February 4, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

Most everyone is familiar with the look and the benefits of granite for kitchen countertops. The material even kitchen designers and architects are not paying much attention to these days is one of the oldest countertop materials: Soapstone.Soapstone has all the benefits of granite such as heat, stain and bacteria resistance.  It has a beautiful softer feeling.  The grey and black color of the stone can have attractive veining and looks great with stainless steel appliances.

Farmers’ sinks are the rage these days. How about having a fabricator build an integral farmers’ sink out of soapstone.  It is a really great, uncommon and truly custom look.

Where does soapstone come from? From Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, USA. One source: the Alberene Soapstone company which has quarried and fabricated soapstone for over 120 years. Another is Vermont Soapstone though Virginia soapstone has more stone color choices.

Finally, kitchen remodels often include tile flooring.  Especially when radiant floor heat is installed under the tile, soapstone tiles are a great choice due to soapstone’s superior heat retention! For this reason, soapstone was often used fireplace as “brick”.

Check out soapstone for you next kitchen remodel.  You are likely not going to ever regret its timeless beauty, softness and elegance.