Time-tested Green Building Products that Save the Planet & YOUR Money

Time-tested Green Building Products that Save the Planet & YOUR Money
October 28, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

The picture shows a toilet.  What’s interesting about that? How about toilets to the water rescue: Save the planet, Save water, Save $$$$.  How? Dual flush toilet technology.Bruce Thompson invented the dual flush toilets in 1980. The principal is simple: select different amounts of water for solids and liquid flushes. In 1993 a further redesign cut water consumption further to about half.  It is proven technology and boy, are they needed in the south. Just look at Texas! We see Lake Powell down 50 feet, and areas throughout the Midwest, the southwest and southeast drying out.

Shortages are a wake-up call to the fact that water is a precious and limited resource. 65% of water used in most homes is attributed to toilet flushing.

This is why the USA Energy Act of 1992 mandated that ALL toilets using 5gallons of water per flush reduce water uses to a maximum of 1.6 gallons / flush.

Shifting to dual flush toilet technology is painless and can be done by everyone Just about all toilet manufacturers today offer dual flush technology- Kohler, American Standard and others. For those who prefer to avoid toilet replacement there are modification kits.

Find a dual flush kit made the BlueSource HydroRight Dual Flush converter selling at the Home Depot for $19.95 or BeingWater One2Flush from Amazon for $24.95.

Estimates are that replacement of old 5+gallon toilets can save up to 16,000 + gallons / year for a family of six – a great saving of water and money! The Andaluz Hotel in Alburqurque NM reports, for example that their switch to dual flush toilets reduced water consumption by 45% ! Wow!

There is simply no good reason not to get into dual flush toilet technology in your house.

Be green, save water and save money – what could be better?!

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