Time Saver in your Garden for Perimeter ONLY

Time Saver in your Garden for Perimeter ONLY
May 17, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

Sometimes I wonder why obvious ways of doing something takes a long time to come to the forefront.  Clearly, we are creatures of habit.  It keeps us repeating even the most time-consuming tasks over and over. But… … we would benefit from questioning our methods once in awhile.

Such is the case with spreading mulch around the garden. Even relatively small gardens tend to “gobble up” more material than one thinks.  10-15 yards of mulch is little around a garden yet it takes a lot of manual labor and time to spread it in garden beds.

So why not blow it instead? Wherever leaf removal is common on the East Coast, landscapers have machinery that sucks up leaf piles.  Mulch blowing is simply the reverse: pushing mulch through a hose, which the technician holds over his shoulder to spray the mulch into the various garden beds. Brilliant! What a time saver!

One caution: I would not do it around foundation beds as the mulch dust sprays against the house dirtying windows and doors. Also, it might be better to avoid more sensitive perennial beds. But everywhere else, such as in perimeter evergreen beds mulch blowing is the way to get this important job done rapidly and cost effectively.

Prices will vary regionally but should amount to roughly the same as manual distribution. But what a time saver. But know and stick to the right application!