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Tile Trends – Style and Home Value Boost

Tile Trends – Style and Home Value Boost
February 10, 2014 SNH Editorial Team


Thinking of updating your kitchen or bath? Want to give it a hip new style? Want to create added home value? Rip up old tile even if it looks to be “in good shape”.  Take advantage of… three critical changes so that your kitchen and/or bath renovations scream “new, fresh, updated & stylish”.

 #1 Tile Shapes

Use one of the many new and often dramatic rectangular shapes.  Never seen before rectangular tile has hit the tile market.  Instead of the old and very boring 4”x 4”s 12’x12” squares, select a 6”x 24” rectangular tile, for example.  Never before has the shape of tile taken on such importance!   The shape alone will express new & cool or old & boring.

 #2 Tile Texture

In my kitchen design book, “Kitchen Magic”  I show several examples of ceramic flooring that looks like wood.  Ceramic tile manufacturers have finally figured out how to stamp tile surfaces in such a way that they no longer look fake but natural and spectacular.

#3 Material Variety

You will find so-called “mesh-mounted” ceramic tile with many mixes of glass or natural stone.  The sky is the limit.  These mixes can add dimension and/or depth or profile to any wall.  They can create just the right focal point.

More good news: These new ceramics are still generally less expensive than marble and other natural stone tile.

How you lay the tile is also of great importance.  See “Same Home Goods- Totally Different Kitchen Design” to be sure to give your tile installation the right lay out.  It will make a world of difference.

Know product trends.  Add to it installation expertise and make your kitchen and bath renovations a design statement.  Done right, you will love it and so will future buyers, which means the value of your home goes up beyond your cost!