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Three Paint Colors to Avoid in Home Improvement

Three Paint Colors to Avoid in Home Improvement
September 30, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Unless you are a skilled colorist and/or designer and knows how to work with these colors……by adding just the right color from furniture and other home décor to it, stay away from these three colors:

(1) Putty beige:  It can be really depressing – it can visually weigh on a room.  Worst of all, it can be so subtle that  may not really even know.  It look  okay until you bring a brighter color like white next to it. Then you know what you missed by not using a bright, happy color.

(2) Grey: Light grey can be just the perfect color as a backdrop to artwork and collectibles. In large, bright rooms dark greys can be just the ticket.  But, again you got to be spot on and combine just the right elements.  When you select a grey be sure to check it out in different light conditions too.  You may like it in the morning but not in afternoon.

(3) Black: Black can be gorgeous or downright tomb-like.  Usually sharp contrasts with white trim or silver leafed ceilings work best since both offset colors reflect light back into the space.

Hire a color consultant if you at all uncertain.  Colors have great influence on moods and emotions.  Therefore, you want to get this one right!