Three “Fresh” Uses of Dryer Sheets

Three “Fresh” Uses of Dryer Sheets
May 8, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

Dyer sheets are fragrant.  Bounce made by Proctor and Gamble makes both scented and unscented versions.  Both work fabulously in these three ways in your home & garden:

(1) Gardening without mosquito bites – clip a sheet or two on your clothing and mosquitoes leave you alone!  I find it best to have one unscented sheet near my neck.  This creates protection without chemicals of any kind sprayed on your body. It works every time!

(2) Keeping mice out of your attic – mice love to winter in your “cozy” attic. They feast on any stored items like luggage and clothing and leave smelly, unclean and unhealthy droppings.  However, spread around a half-dozen dryer sheets +/- each change of season and you have evicted your mice.

(3) Storing a car in your garage – it sounds like a good, protective way to keep a car in top shape.  But hold on: without protection to your car’s engine compartment, you might be in for a nasty surprise when you start up your car months later.  Rubber hoses are likely leaking.  Mice nibbled on them all winter long. 

Spread a few dryer sheets on top of your engine.  Make a note to remove them before starting up your engine in the spring. You can buy fancy and expensive plastic ‘car bubbles’ to keep mice out, or you can spread around some fragrant dryer sheets to protect your car.

Three simple and effective ways make your home & life better.  I hope you will try them and see for yourself. Tell us your experiences.