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This Year’s Pinterest 100 – Home Design

This Year’s Pinterest 100 – Home Design
December 26, 2016 SNH Editorial Team

If you are like us, you’re addicted to Pinterest. It’s a source of never ending inspiration and a great way to bookmark ideas to try in the home. Well, the team at Pinterest just released their 100 list of trends leading into 2017 and a few of these have us swooning.

Every month on Pinterest, 150 million people around the world look for ideas, and the ones that matter most to them are saved with a tap. They love to plan ahead, looking for seasonal ideas nearly twice as early as expected. Every year, the Pinterest team looks at search and save activity from January to November. They identify the top trends in key categories that show considerable year over year increase in interest (25% and higher), critical mass (more than 500k saves on a topic) and a strong upward trend during the last 3–6 months of the year, not including seasonal spikes.

With over 8 billion ideas, home is the third largest category on Pinterest. This certainly doesn’t come as a surprise as designing your home is a constant work in progress and very personal. There are constantly new trends to seek out and track and Pinners are looking at everything from complete room renovations to the latest “it” color.

Here is what stood out to the team at Sabine’s New House from the report.

Reclaimed Wood

Pinterest 100 - reclaimed wood

Photo courtesy of Kristi Murphy

With a jump of 51% it’s definitely a trend we can get on board with. Between sustainably grown wood and reclaimed lumber this trend can also be an eco-friendly option as well. You might remember our reclaimed wood barn door at The Greenwich House! We also used the same reclaimed wood as an accent around the medicine cabinets in the master bathroom. Wood brings an element of warmth to a space that stone and plaster just can’t touch. So pin away on your wood decor ideas, it’s a solid win for 2017.


Image Courtesy of Horton & Co Design

For several years, silver and chrome have been a standard in home decor both in polished and brushed finishes, but if the trends on Pinterest are correct we’ll see the warmer tone of copper more and more. The trend is up over 90% this year and we can certainly see why.  It’s become a cornerstone of another design trend we’ve been tracking – Industrial Chic. The warmth of copper is a great counterpoint to oil rubbed steel and sleek black and white color families.


This trend is up 721% and it reasons to make sense! A nightstand can be a great opportunity to add a touch of personality to the bedroom. It’s a piece of furniture than can be mixed and matched, made of practically anything and serve as a true statement piece.

Climbing Plants

Over the past year it was all about the Fiddle Leaf Fig, in 2017 we’ll likely be seeing a lot of vining plants in our homes. The trend is up 200% on Pinterest and it certainly has some upsides in terms of taking up less space in the home. Even better?  Certain types of vining plants like the pathos plant are almost impossible to kill and others can clean toxins from your indoor air

The Color Blue

Photo courtesy of OverAtKates

We’re not talking light pastel blue here. We’re talking dark, moody blues that lend a sense of drama to the space. The trend is up 80% on Pinterest and marks a break from the Swedish-inspired white interiors of the last year. The color can make it’s way into your room either through the wall color as shown above, or through dark accent pieces – say a velvet sectional, or dark blue base cabinets in the kitchen. Either choice, it really gives the space a modern, moody vibe.

Marble Wallpaper

Photo courtesy of Murals Wallpaper

This one frankly surprised us, but it’s up 303% so we couldn’t resist taking a closer look. When executed well and sparingly as an accent piece, it’s can really provide a statement for an accent wall in your living room or maybe even powder room. The key is to get the look right, as in the image above. Mixed with bold colors and sleek modern lines, it may be an option you’ll want to look at this year.

Heated Floors

Absolutely no surprises here, the trend is up 54% on Pinterest and it’s a must for the masterbath and frankly any room in the home with stone or tile floors. While there are water based systems that can be installed under wood, the heat output is not that great and engineered flooring must be installed to prevent any cupping of wood boards.

Why would you want to walk on cold floors throughout the winter when cozy warmth is available? With tankless water heaters, this largely electrically run option is also being noted as a more energy-efficient way to heat up the home too. To heat a bathroom floor is generally less that a cost of an incandescent light bulb. And, on top of this – if your home is powered by solar or alternative fuel, it’s another great way to get your home off the grid and more sustainable.


The Danish people are sweeping the U.S. design trend this coming year with their approach to home design and decor. The trend is up 285% on Pinterest and Hygge (pronounced ‘hoogaa) is all about seeking harmony and balance in your home. And getting a bit relaxed as well.You can find out more on how to achieve this style for your own home here.

Acrylic Decor

The trend of acrylic furnishings is making yet another revival for sleek modern decor. The trend is up 50% on Pinterest and is a great way to get a cleaner more clutter free scheme by using transparent furniture that almost disappears. One of the biggest hits is the acrylic half globe swing above, as a throwback to the seventies. Toss in a soft sheepskin and it looks like a great place to read a book and just relax But have a test seat before buying one, some people think it’s the most comfortable seat they’ve ever experienced – others – not so much.

Farmhouse Style

We were very excited to see this after our adventure creating the modern farmhouse look at The Greenwich House.  The farmhouse trend is up 40% right now and will likely still inspire design trends well into 2017. Why do people like this look so much? We think it has to do with a sense of being accessible – it doesn’t appear to be so perfect and thus people can feel themselves actually living in a farmhouse, barn style space.