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The Showerhead For A Great Start into Every Day

The Showerhead For A Great Start into Every Day
April 7, 2017 SNH Editorial Team
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Even simple home improvement projects can have great payoffs for your home and your life. Here is one: Change out your showerhead. It changes your morning showering experience and starts out your day with a touch of self-indulgence – guaranteed. There are so many types and brands – it can be confusing. Let’s break it down.

There are three types of shower head and/or showerhead systems: a “regular” wall shower head, a so-called “rain head” and a showerhead with body spray system.

The latter two require more extensive installations.  However, even when you do not want to get into a full-fledged shower remodeling you can give yourself a great shower experience by simply replacing your wall shower head. It’s worth it!

You will find a number of different manufactures at your local home improvement box store. Which one should you buy? Having tried many over the years, I recommend SPEAKMAN and specifically the “8-Jet Anystream Showerhead”. It’s tried and true and simple does what it promises which “…giving you a great shower experience”.

The Speakman 8-jet Anystream has adjustable spray heads with which to dial in different spray patterns and water pressures.  Pick one up and you feel its weight and substance since Speakman spray head units are made of brass parts.  Even the most basic models come in different finishes from chrome to various nickel and oil rubbed finishes.

Installation is simple.  You should not need a plumber for the installation. Anyone who is a little handy should be able to install it in just a few minutes.

One last tip: depending on the sediments in your water, change the spray head every few years.  The fall-out, otherwise known as “crudd” will clog the spray heads of any unit over time and cut down on your shower fun.

My suggestion: treat yourself to a great shower experience every morning.  It is an inexpensive home improvement product with great impact.  Go with this tried and true unit from SPEAKMAN.