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The Right Way To Install A Fence or Wall

The Right Way To Install A Fence or Wall
September 19, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

Many homeowners have properties that are uneven (unless you are living in the plains).  These slopes, valleys, hills, and mounds can make installing fences and walls a challenge.

There are two ways of handling it. Either slope the fence/wall to follow the grade, or evenly step down over the length of the fence/wall. So what is the right way?

Interesting enough it’s pretty simple. In design, the goal is to achieve balance. Balance is achieved by creating shapes and lines that are pleasing to the eye resulting in a tranquil landscape that you the homeowner can truly “settle into”. Being on a sloped plane feels unstable. Following these fundamentals of our bodies’ reactions, a stepped down approach is the best way to go. It ensures that the top edge of the fence/wall is level and thus a pleasing line in your design. Your body will tell you it feels right!

So next time you are greeted with the option of sloped or stepped, always choose stepped.  You’ll end up with a more visually pleasing design and a more soothing, balanced landscape.

Check out the progress on The Greenwich House where we recently installed a new dry-stacked stone wall. Watch the video.