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The New Tech Brain for Your Home

The New Tech Brain for Your Home
November 17, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

If you feel the “smart home products” marketplace is confusing, you are not alone. Apple feels your pain and just released its answer: HomeKit.

Unlike all the other closed, or manufacturer specific systems,  by contrast Apple’s solution is an open technology platform. It will integrate all home automation devices – and I predict do so sooner than we think!

Think of Apple’s HomeKit system as a brain in your home directing the many parts/devices from home security to lighting to heating and air-conditioning, distributed sound +++.

Apple is spot on in its reading of the home improvement industry. The days of selecting just one manufacturer for the many elements of your home are already gone.

You might want to select the very best lighting from Phillips, smart home devices from Samsung or a Nest smart thermostat. What’s missing in today’s marketplace is the orchestration of all of these best-in-class devices. AND THAT’S WHAT APPLE’S HOMEKIT WILL DO.

While it will take just a little while to equip third party smart home products, I predict given the power and influence of Apple it will only be a short while.

Steve Jobs created Apple as the company to make tech devices easy to use. Apple’s HomeKit will do just that in a powerful way in our homes. YEAH!