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The New "Green" Air Filter

The New "Green" Air Filter
April 4, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

Untitled-1-290x290Most people would say  plants are nice to have in our homes.  This scientific measured approach will want you buy these three plants right away…..

Check out Kamal Meattle’s findings .  IMPRESSIVE.  Improvement to the air quality in your home and adding more productivity…what could be better?!

Here are the three plants again: Areca Palm (4/person), Mother-i-law Tongue plant (6-8 tall plants/person), Moneytree.

While Mr. Meattle does not tell us how many other plants he experimented with and, of course, it requires more than the “occasional” plant, in my view it’s worth a try.  I will report back on my findings in 6 months.

Most people think of plants as welcome decorative items – but could have have a substantial effect on our quality of life in our homes? India is known for particularly poor air-quality.  If it works there, it’s likely to work in the US.

I reported on different eco-friendly plant solutions before. But could it really be this simple? Since really nothing go wrong, I hope you will give it try as well!