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Inexpensive & Easy Electric Heat Solution

Inexpensive & Easy Electric Heat Solution
November 12, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Have a room that always seems cooler than the rest of your house and you don’t want to turn up the heat for your entire house?  Here is your solution….

The Envi High-Efficiency Electric panel heater is your answer.

Your electrician will love the fact that it draws minimal “juice”  ( check with your electrician for loads of each model).

Envi’s patented stack convection technology takes cool air in on the bottom and converts it into warm air which flows out the top (see diagram below).  After personally testing it to heat a 14 x14 foot laundry room, I could not be happier with the output.

Your designer will love its sleek, panel like look. The manufacturer says the panel can even be painted….perfect!

You will be happy to not freeze in the room(s) you use. Install an Envi Panel Heater so you don’t need to heat the whole house – think energy efficient living, think eco-friendly living with comfort.

Your pocket book will be happy too.  Envi Panel Heater cost about $125-150/unit and run on very little electric energy.

Winter is making its way across the USA and Europe – so be ready and be toasty in your four walls this year without spending a fortune on heating costs!

Envi Panel Heater