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Is The Most Overlooked Home Decor Detail at Your Front Door?

Is The Most Overlooked Home Decor Detail at Your Front Door?
August 8, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

TO ALL YOUNG DESIGNERS –  HERE IS ONE DESIGN OPPORTUNITY: Redesign today’s Tacky……Doorbells. It’s time to turn them into beautiful statements- large or small – instead of kitsch.

Homeowners usually spend a lot of time pondering the right style of their front doors.  A lot of money is being spent on extravagant entrance doors since the entrance is the first impression to greet guests. But wait: the door  is not the only item that visitors see and touch in this space. Doorbells are among the most overlooked details around front entrances. Yes, doorbells are small but when you come to a house your search, or focus on them intently for a moment.  Once found, you touch them. In other words, we connect with door bells using in multi-sensory ways. So why is it that doorbells are usually treated as afterthoughts?!

Below examples show doorbells of many design styles and looks – but all share one element: they are tacky with their white plastic center button. Some doorbells add prominently displayed screws – nice……….

Has anyone thought of darker button colors to blend the button with the design of the doorbell plate? Why not create a button out of the same metal and backlighting it?!

Doorbells are basic and common. In design, the “devil” is in the details, as the saying goes. Why not add doorbells as a statement, which could enhance our entrances.

Listen up doorbell manufacturers: Provide us with better-looking doorbells. Give us true statement pieces – not just plates around an ugly door button.