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The Key Home Improvement Product for Evening Outdoor Living

The Key Home Improvement Product for Evening Outdoor Living
January 7, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Outdoor living and entertaining is wonderful the moment temperatures are warming…. until mosquitos come out! Evenings grilling with friends in the summertime are among my personal favorites.  Being outdoors creates a relaxed atmosphere almost instantaneously … again until mosquitos start biting!

You can usually tell when your friends start jiggling around in their chairs, followed eventually by batting them away.  There must be a better way to save a dinner party.

Now is the time to get ready for spring and summer.

As mentioned earlier, bat houses help to keep the mosquito population near your home down.  Citarella based sprays, candles help too.  But in the end, there is really only one solution: screens.

The best are automatic screens that drop down from the ceiling to the floor. At the touch of a button you can roll them up or down.  In a previous home I installed screens made by Phantom Screens.  While installation is tricky because the tracks have to be perfectly plumb and installed at the exact width of the screens in the end, having automatic screens is plain wonderful. Once installed, they worked flawlessly.

With screens you will find yourself daring to turn on a light or two during dinner or to read outside enjoying cool summer nights.  Since I am planning to build another outdoor cabana/porch shortly this new one will be equipped with an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor TV and fire source as well – all feasible with the installation of automatic screens.

Look for the results in a few months time. Add a new dimension of enjoyment to your backyard and outdoor life this summer!