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Test Results – Fireplace Starter Logs

Test Results – Fireplace Starter Logs
January 12, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

…just in time for roaring fires.  Do starter logs work?  Here are some need- to-know findings…

Big box stores generally sell both of these brands.  Is there a difference? Which one should you buy? Since I couldn’t find any good information I began  testing the two leading brands shown in the photo.  And here are the results:

Both seem to burn cleanly.  Both brands claim to be eco-friendly and contain renewable products such as wax coated cardboard (Enviro-Log) and wax coated wood by-products (DuraFlame).

I could not confirm Enviro-Log’s claim that it “burns up to 3 hours” – none of the test logs burnt longer than 1 1/2 hours.  Duraflame logs burnt reliably for 2 1/2-3 hours and never 4 hours as advertised on the box.

Who is the winner? In my view: It’s Duraflame.  It always gets a good fire going – never any issues.  That said, I find a whole log is not necessary.

And what to do with the wood ash? Use it in your ________ (link).

Personally, I cut a Duraflame log in half – it will start the fire and get it hot  over the first hour +. Thereafter , the hot fire ambers take over and starter logs are no longer needed. Wood by itself will do just fine.

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Even puppies like to snuggle up to a good fire !