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Tasty Landscaping Ideas – Wood-Burning Pizza Ovens

Tasty Landscaping Ideas – Wood-Burning Pizza Ovens
August 3, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Everyone we interviewed for this post loves his/her outdoor kitchen. Those who have pizza ovens point to them as the most fun part of their kitchens. There are a few key decisions and product choices to know about.  Which one is right for you? Here are the what, where and how’s:

Custom pizza ovens: Custom built pizza ovens are masonry built ovens.   They usually have one large firing chamber.  In other words, wood is burning on the same level as the pizza or other foods, for that matter.  While the entire beehive chamber can of course be entirely hand-built, for a more predictable operational result modular firing chambers might be the best way to go.   Earthstone Ovens, Forno Bravo and Mugnaini are companies that also sell modular firing chambers – prices vary but are not inexpensive. Add to it the custom stonework and this type of pizza oven gets to be pricey but is sure to be the focal point of your outdoor entertainment space.

Freestanding pizza ovensQuintessential Outdoor Living makes cast iron, freestanding pizza ovens that are ready-to-go, complete units.  This is a great little Vermont based company.  Their firing chambers are built as separate compartments under the pizza oven chambers.

TIP: With either designs, placement of the pizza oven is important for two reasons.  One, be sure to have a lot of room in front of the pizza oven. You have seen the long paddles used in your local pizzerias to push pizza into the chamber and to pull them out when done.  This requires space! Secondly, be sure to select a location with good draft to exhaust the smoke from the burning wood.

You might have so much fun with your pizza oven that you decide to venture into bread making or other culinary delicacies….there is no end to where your imagination can take you.  Your pizza oven is likely to be a hit in the neighborhood – Enjoy and have fun!