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Summer Time is Rose-Blooming Time

Summer Time is Rose-Blooming Time
May 21, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Love roses but don’t want the fuzz? Since 2000 there is a new variety. They are called… “Knock Out” roses- a perfect name since  yes, their beauty and lovely rose scent will knock you out.

Plant them like the old/traditional roses – full sun and well-drained soil. Feed them a little rose fertilizer once a month and they should produce roses all summer long and as perennials return to your garden every year, only bigger and better. While there can always be insect issues, knock outs have far fewer pest problems.  They make great cut flowers as well!

Why have not reported on them before?  Just like new car models tend to have a few “bugs” in the first model, so can new varieties of plants.  But enough time has gone by. Knock-out roses are now well tested and ready for our gardens. Here are a couple more gardening suggestions.

Since roses are slow growers buy them in as large a size as possible. Look for 3 and 5-gallon containers. They come in all colors – from the traditional red to varieties of pink, yellows and whites.

Who does not like roses?! It’s just the fuzz of growing & maintaining them that has made people, myself included, stay away from roses in past years. All of that has changed with the now well-tested hybrids of knock out roses.