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Stairs to Heaven

Stairs to Heaven
December 1, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Two challenges with these back stairs.  As a vertical axis/spine in a home – they are an important visual and functional element to get right. 

Challenge #1: Railings especially can be tricky.  Over the years I find stair companies love to fit them out with so-called goose necks.  As the word suggests, goose necks are ugly.  It’s worth pushing your stair manufacturer to come up with another solution – it’s always possible!

Stair shafts have to be perfectly straight.  Even slight deviations matter!  This one is set with steel.

Challenge #2: I remember my steel installer giving me a challenge during installation: Jump, climb, crawl, free form from one wall to the other and the job comes free-of-charge….no way – I could not do it, even though he jumped around like a monkey and made it look so easy.

Would you? Could you?