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Stains Be Gone – A Mother’s Dream

Stains Be Gone – A Mother’s Dream
November 5, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Healthy living includes a clean house with as little chemical use as possible.  If you enjoy a clean house you want to know about this new glove…one of the best products ever to come out Germany.  Once you have it you will never be without it. I have blogged about naturally based cleaning products before but this one is plain magical.

If there is one thing German “Hausfrauen” are known for it is how to clean… here is one of the new, high-tech yet basic tools: A glove that cleans stains simply but slightly rubbing it over any kind of stain – a mother’s dream!

How does it work?  Per the manufacturer’s description, microfibers are split and spit yet again to fiber thickness that can only be seen under a microscope. These super thin fibers can penetrate grease and dirt particles, loosen and if wetted absorb loosened dirt particles.  So there are no chemicals around these microfibers that could get onto your furniture or around the house.

After a number of uses simply toss the glove into the washing machine. It could not be simpler.

I know, it sounds too good to be true. That’s exactly what I told my mother when she first introduced me to “her latest find.”

I was skeptical.  But over several months, I have gotten even the toughest stains out simply by rubbing it a little with this glove – from stains of upholstery to mud stains on white carpet…simply magic! Here is one place where you can buy one.

Cleaning Glove