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Spring Cleaning – Three easy-to-do Home Improvements

Spring Cleaning – Three easy-to-do Home Improvements
April 21, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Spring clean up can be fun:  Take your home from “tumble to tidy”.  It’s a great feeling!  Here are three great simple-to-do projects that are guaranteed to … improve the quality of living in your home:









Get rid of your “collections”:  Things that hangs out in your attic are a good way to start.  My rule: If it’s there  longer than 6 months without use, give it away or take it to the dump.  Don’t get stuck on thinking that “…it might be useful…” like curtains that you know won’t fit but you might use the fabric somewhere else….!  Don’t clog your life with stuff.  Have confidence that  items will come into your life just when you need them.

Stored fabrics

Organize your tools: An organized household makes home improvement projects and living fun! Garden tools are the perfect example. Instead of having them pile up in a corner, install a wall organizing system – they are not very expensive.  This one has a couple tracks to make the most use of vertical storage.  A variety of hangers snap into the tracks and slide along the tracks easily.  Having the right gardening tools in easy reach is a great start for this year’s gardening season.

Garden Tool Organizing System

Upgrade your kitchen cabinets:  Improving the functionality of your existing kitchen cabinets so that you can easily reach for pots and pan, tools and silverware can be “life-changing”.  It can so powerful that even people who generally do not like to cook will start to enjoy it.  I say this based on comments  from readers of my book “Kitchen Magic“.

Kitchen Drawer Inserts

Try it and see for yourself !  Changing our outer world changes the way we feel about our homes and, more importantly, ourselves!