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Spooky and Beautiful Entrance Gates

Spooky and Beautiful Entrance Gates
October 24, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Spooky Halloween entrances and entrance gates are part of October in the US.  Think of them as entrance statements – design them.  Check out these pics

Halloween Entrance Gate


Hanging Eyeballs

Rocking skeleton








This one is one of my favorites this year.   Burlap wrapped boxwoods become a skateboard ramp for one skeleton.  A hammock  is created from a bunch of rope       and a couple of pipes has another smiling skeleton reclining.

Seasonal pumpkins and skulls top gate columns, suspended eyeballs and cob webs are all over the gate itself round out this entrance.

Here is another take on another, very different entrance gate. Both entrance gates are different – they have a sense of humor.

Kudos to these creators!