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Super cool casual Outdoor Furniture for Backyard Fun

Super cool casual Outdoor Furniture for Backyard Fun
April 14, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Getting together with friends in the backyard is fun.  It’s casual. Casual entertaining is fabulous.  Why not make a part of your furniture casual too?! How…? 

…with comfortable log pillows –from Mero Wings. Mero Wings calls them Tree Trunks and Forest Cushions.   They are made of natural / organic cotton with a finish to allow for outdoor use. Best of all, the shell can be stripped and washed in the washing machine to avoid any need for dry cleaning. here is another beautiful,  super cool natural- inspired backyard design feature.

While at the Mero Wings website also have a look at their Stone Collection. These pillows come with two finishes – indoor and outdoor materials.

Here is some casual pool furniture too !

For indoor pillows check out  Ronel Jordaan’s  Professional Rock Cushions. To my knowledge, this South African designer was first in introducing naturally looking pebble pillows. They too are gorgeous!