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Snow Alert for your House

Snow Alert for your House
February 17, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

Have you asked yourself: Can the roof on your house handle the weight from all that snow?   Eight feet of snow in the Boston, MA area have collapsed flat roofs on commercial establishments and at least on roof over a large condominium project.

How about balconies and decks? With the amount of snow in the Northeast, everyone would be wise to have made a couple of passes with a snowblower by now….

We all await snow melting conditions. What happens though when warmer temperatures are mixed with rain? Then the snow gets even heavier… Watch out:  That’s when roof, deck and balcony collapse really start to happen.

Prepare today: Get all that snow off your roof, decks and balconies! The right home maintenance makes all the difference! Don’t wait on this one!!!!