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Smash It…No Problem for this Wine!

Smash It…No Problem for this Wine!
March 10, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Want to make a memorable entrance at a friend’s house? Bring an expensive bottle of wine and smash it on the floor upon arrival. OUTCH…!!!! But not… when the bottle comes in a “Vigo” carrier.  That’s how I got my Vigo wine case the other day.

A Vigo case is the perfect gift to the man that has it all, a wine connoisseur or your gadget guy.

 What is Vigo? It is a perfectly boring looking wine sleeve made of a special impact resistant material.  The manufacturer, G-Form probably cringes at this description.  But the bottom is this material is soft and strong enough to absorb any blow.  Check out the video where a bottle in a Vigo is dropped is dropped from an 11-foot ladder – no problem! As a designer I add that some color variety would be nice.

Where do you buy Vigo?  It is so new that it is only available from the Vigo website right now.

For about a year now my i-phone 5 has been in a case made of the same G-Form material. It has indeed saved my phone from damage a few times though the overlay buttons on the side or frame of the phone are a bit hard to press and a couple of corner pads keep pulling out – a nagging issue right from day one.

But it is the perfect solution for your active, skateboarding, biking or other sports enthusiastic teenager! And while you are on the G-Form site you’ll probably pick up a few knee, arm and wrist pads to protect your kid, not just his phone.

In Germany, way before the days of u-tube videos, I might add,  we had a contest “can you turn over the Renault “duck?” And boy, we tried….Perhaps G-Form should start a video/selfie campaign “can you smash your phone or bottle of wine?” in any of their G-Form cases….