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Secrets around Living Home Décor

Secrets around Living Home Décor
December 27, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Talking to your plants helps but figuring out the right amount of water for them is just as important. Orchids can be especially tricky – especially during heating season.As tropical plants they prefer moist air so dry heated air is especially hard on them.

When a friend, who definitely does not have the proverbial “green thumb” – in fact she has never had any plant live past the initial bloom – told me the other day  that she got her orchids to re-bloom  I listened up.  Her method:

Two/three times a week she now places ice cubes on her houseplants including on her orchids.  In addition, she shifted her orchids from a window with southern exposure (and too much sun) to a window with westerly exposure (more moderate sun light).

My own orchids were looking meek and following her two techniques are already looking stronger and more vigorous (see photo).  Try it and report back.  Come 2012 surround yourself with vibrant, fresh, vigorous and beautiful plants.