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Same Home Goods – Totally Different Kitchen Design

Same Home Goods – Totally Different Kitchen Design
December 30, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

What’s more basic than white tile…?! See the dramatic difference you can create just by using different lay-outs. Know the power of design

We talk a lot about the many material choices especially in tile. I have a whole section on tile installation in Kitchen Magic. Let’s raise one more simple but hugely important detail that effects the look and feel of tile installations DRAMATICALLY: The layout or pattern.

You literally can change the character or design of a kitchen tile backsplash from  traditional to a contemporary  by the pattern or the way you lay up the exact same material.

The photo shows the same white tile in two patterns: On the top, basic white tile is laid in a subway pattern for a more traditional look.  On the bottom, the same tile is laid in a running bond pattern creating a distinctly more contemporary style.

Think of pattern or lay-out, not just the material, surfaces and sizes as an critical part to creating design styles. IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Know all the relevant details and enjoy creating the look and feel you envision for your kitchen!


Modern Style - Running Bond Lay-OutTraditional Look from Subway Style Lay-Out