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Runway to Lampshade

Runway to Lampshade
December 10, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Which classic fabric lasted through the centuries? Arimatsu – preserved… for over 100 years by the Murase family.

The eldest son, Hiroyuki Murase trained as a designer in the US and formed Suzusan Luminaires where he uses his families hand-made fabric making technique to create modern, refined custom lampshades.  You see one and you want one – guaranteed.

The fabric is stretched over a glass shape much like the fabric gets stretched over the human body, a.k.a. clothing, as shown in the runway/Vogue Japan image below.  It’s a unique texture and understated beauty.

My favorite: His square columnar white lampshades – structured, yet soft; ornamental yet restrained and very much in keeping with Japanese design. Simply beautiful!