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Runway to Gardening Heaven

Runway to Gardening Heaven
July 21, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

What do gardeners do most?  They weed…. Unless you love to weed, this fabric cuts weeding down dramatically.  It frees up time for fun gardening activities like planting – Sounds good?

What is it exactly? It’s landscape fabric which has been used in commercial installations for years.  So why not use it on residential properties too?

It’s inexpensive – you buy it in rolls at the big box stores- and it’s simple to install.

Start by finely (!!!) weeding plant beds.  Then simply roll out the fabric on top of it.  Use the metals staples (photo below) to secure or stake the fabric into the ground.  This even allows for the fabric to be installed on slight inclines. Use scissors to cut around shrubs and plants, as the photo shows.  And that’s it.

The fabric allows water to travel through it though I find it best to keep roots fully exposed.  Any time you wish to add plants simply cut the fabric with scissors.  It could not be easier and what a difference!

I like to cover it with mulch for the simple reason that it’s more attractive to look at mulch.

Landscape fabric – your secret to a great looking garden!

Staples for Landscape Fabric