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Repair & Design Upgrade for your Bath – 4 Steps to a New Shower

Repair & Design Upgrade for your Bath – 4 Steps to a New Shower
February 25, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

This shower pan is overdue for repair: Note the cracks and repeated patching with caulk… The caulk application is so bad, it gives caulk a bad name.

Every time you have a repair, use it not only as a fix but your opportunity to spruce up the style in your home!

Beige 2×2” tile is just about the most boring choice out there. For the same price (!!) choose one of the many mosaic tiles, for example. Select so-called “mesh-mounted” tile for a quick installation.





Here are the 4 steps to a properly repaired and “up-styled” a shower pan for your shower:

(1) The tile installer guts out the floor and the first foot of wall tile along the wall
Gut out old tile and base
(2) He then creates a concrete base – properly pitched toward the drain – with concrete board on the walls (absolutely no sheetrock here!)
Concrete base and concrete board
(3) The plumber then lines it with thick vinyl – note the added corner plates in the front and the wrap up the sides to create a tub-effect

vinyl base
(4) Finally, the tile installer installs the new base and wall tile – and that’s it!

fun new mosaic tile

AFTER – what shower would you like to start your day in every day?   A good example of how home improvement improves the quality of one’s life!