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Home Remodeling With Integrity

Home Remodeling With Integrity
October 15, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

Do it right! Do it right the first time! These are two mantras that should be your guide through every remodeling project.

Here is why:

On one level, shortcuts create temporary solutions every time.  The price tag of remodeling jobs usually comes from the cost of labor, less so from parts.  Creating shortcut solutions sooner or later winds up with another repair cost.  Why pay twice?!

On another level think about the energy message you are sending through your actions.  Are you setting up energy patterns that say I stand for doing things right, doing things with integrity? Or, are your actions say I don’t care, I won’t be here that long so who cares…?!  Check out the latest episode of The Greenwich House, Clear Conscience where I address this very issue.

Do you hear the difference?  Doing things right is a positive expression while lack of interest and consideration sets up a negative vibe.  Which group would you like to belong to?

Happiness in a home comes from right thought and right action.