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Refrigerator Drawers – Cool or Overrated?

Refrigerator Drawers – Cool or Overrated?
December 5, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

These drawers are the latest in the appliance world. Are they right for your kitchen/your life? 

Refrigerator/ freezer drawers allow you to have under-the-counter fridge and freezer drawer space. I have a whole section on it in my kitchen design book “Kitchen Magic”. (check out the video and free chapter download)…

Since it is the latest innovation in the world of appliances, refrigerator/freezer drawers are pricey.  In round numbers: One refrigerator drawer runs as much as a lower line, full size refrigerator.

Are refrigerator/freezer drawers worth it?  Who buys them?

(1) Consumers who want to have the latest and greatest in kitchen design.

(2)  Some moms who tell me, it is great to have a drawer – their kids can now reach in and grab a drink independently of adult help.

(3)  Homeowners who like a full ice compartment – usually part of a bar

Having a separate refrigerator just for drinks unclogs the main refrigerator – that’s a really great thing!  Provided enough base cabinet space is available a separate “drink” fridge is a wonderful improvement to a kitchen remodel !!!! I always look for this opportunity and usually can make it happen in today’s kitchen islands, similar to the one shown in the photo.

A good and less costly alternative is a regular, “tried-and-true” under-the-counter refrigerator.

Does it have to come in a drawer refrigerator/freezer configuration? You decide – this one is a personal, lifestyle decision.