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Quality “Prefab” Home Improvement

Quality “Prefab” Home Improvement
April 12, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Quality “prefab” is currently not available in the US. You’ll find it in… Europe!
Europe is light years ahead of the US.  In Europe, state-of-the art technologies, energy efficiency, new/green building materials and efficient, fast building methods are the drivers behind prefab construction.   By contrast, in the US, construction savings are generally speaking the main selection filter leading to distinctly lower quality homes.  It’s time for European prefab quality to enter the US marketplace.

Here are some companies to check out: Green Building Group, Fertighaus Weiss und Arge Haus (Photo)

The two images are good examples of what can be and is being done in Europe in prefab home construction.   The pictures show homes designed and built in Germany.  US manufacturers: Take a page from your German counterparts and develop fabulous, state-of-the-art, high quality prefab homes for the US market.

 The prefab construction process has many benefits including controlled building environments, precision from computer-controlled assemblies and meaningful time efficiencies.  It’s time for some manufacturer(s) to fill this high-end niche. Why do I suggest this?

Today’s US new home construction marketplace is increasingly driven by the top 1% of income earners.  These consumers are educated, well-traveled and sophisticated.  They value quality, efficient and timesaving solutions.  It is a real opportunity: it’s time to create high-end and high-quality pre-fab homes for US consumers.