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Pools and Spas for Relaxation for ALL

Pools and Spas for Relaxation for ALL
October 13, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

In New England the time has come to slowly gather up and store away the summer toys.  Sadly, this floating chair, as I like to call it, must now also leave the pool. Lucky for you folks on the West Coast and in the Southwest where warm temps continue.  What is your favorite thing to do in the pool?Everyone uses pools and spas differently: some swim laps as exercise regiments others look to float and relax.  For the latter group nothing beats this pool chair known as the Softer Folding Chair. 

Float and/ or catch up on the week’s reading while gently floating through the pool. Hang out in the sun while cooling down on the water. Nothing soothes the psyche more.

The chair comes in two sizes, or to be precise its seat has two different lengths.  Personally I prefer the shorter one (as shown) since my legs can dangle comfortably into the water and cooling down my body’s temperature.  Empirically gathered data suggests that men prefer the longer seat since the weight of their legs appears to pitch them forward a bit.

Only the larger size has drink holders. Why are there no drink holders in the smaller model?  This should be changed!

Where do you find this chair? Simple, most catalog companies including Frontgate offer it throughout the year. It might just be the best money spent among all of your leisure expenditures…vacationing in your own backyard – divine! Give yourself a little gift the next summer season. It’s only around $100-250. I have not found a person yet who does not simply love this floating chair.  Get your slice of heaven!

Need a float for your dog? Yes, indeed: Frontgate has one of those as well. Our puppy figured out how to climb onto the floating chair although the chair gets scratched heavily in the process.   Our dog insists on hanging out exactly where we lounge – a floating dog bed is a good idea provided you can train you dog….Floats- one of the home improvement products providing enjoyment for everyone! So worth it!!!