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Painting Tricks – Blue Tape versus Green Tape

Painting Tricks – Blue Tape versus Green Tape
May 14, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

This series of articles has one intention: Highlight the right home improvement products to let homeowners achieve professional looking results in their home improvement projects.  Let’s look at one of the most basic of products – masking tape or commonly referred to as “blue tape.”

Painters usually always have a role of “Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape” at hand.  It comes in several widths and works pretty well in lot’s of taping situations such as taping off hardware, for example. But try creating sharp edges with it (see paint bleed from red paint). No matter how carefully I try to adhere blue tape to surfaces it bleeds water-base / latex paint every time.  In my frustration I set out determined to find the no-paint bleed masking tape.  Its name is BlocIt.

BlocIt is made for latex paint applications.  The manufacturer, Intertape Polymer Group, gave it a greenish color.

Since my first experiences with BlocIt left me rather enthusiastic I began asking various painters about it.  The result of my unscientific and only empirical survey:  Only high-end painting contractors appear to know about BlocIt. This might be explained by the fact that BlocIt seems to only be sold in specialty paint stores not in big box home improvement centers.

This crepe like paper stretches a bit so it’s easy to bend around corners and curved areas. The manufacturer claims its UV resistance ensures performance up to 14 days in full sunlight.  In my recent paint projects it has performed beautifully over the course of the project – a few days from beginning to end.  The paper peals off easily and cleanly to reveal edges without dreaded paint bleeds.  For the record “blue tape” and BlocIt perform well with oil paint( see beige color on sample board).

When it comes to latex paint, BlocIt does a convincing job.  Don’t be surprised that soon painters will be asking: “Where is my green tape?”