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Painting Project 101 – Fun for the Whole Family

Painting Project 101 – Fun for the Whole Family
April 16, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Everyone can do this fun home improvement project in a weekend: Paint a chalkboard to the side of a cabinet, on a kitchen door or even a refrigerator door (check surface material !). You read correctly – Paint! Benjamin Moore’s Studio Finishes series offers chalkboard paint. It is available in specialty paint stores only.

Simply sand the surface a little to take off the top sheen and brush or preferably roll on this paint. Best to use a small foam roller. Tape the edges (see also “Professional Paint Jobs – Tape It”) and apply four to five coats to create a really smooth surface – voila: your family communication board is born. Years of using Benjamin Moore paints have certainly ingrained in me the quality of this brand. Little did I know of its fun side. I had a carpenter throw around a simple little frame to give it a little more presence – but this is optional.

Our kitchen chalkboard is great for jotting down groceries that need replenishment. Love the “honey-please-do” message opportunity – so much better than even having to talk or email about it. Naturally, it is great for having important phone numbers always right there for your kids.

In the age of electronic media this is one home improvement project that is fun and easy and inexpensive to do – A quart costs $14.95. Sometimes it is fun to be “vintage”.