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Outdoor Home Goods for the Modern Cottage

Outdoor Home Goods for the Modern Cottage
May 31, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

•Which chair is more comfortable? (left / right)

•Which chair stripes your bottom? (left / right)

•Which chair is a conversation piece? (left / right)

Traditional meets Modern.   Traditional design is often associated with……comfort.  Is it more comfortable? Or is it just some ill-founded belief?

•Hands down, the Laurie Beckerman’s brand new “Wings of Steel” chair is more comfortable. Why? One reason is that the angle of both the seat and the back in her chair are ergonomic pitched unlike the traditional English chair which treats your body to a sharp 90 degree angle.

•The English garden chair stripes your bottom after sitting on it for a bit- guaranteed- while the “Wings of Steel” chair has solid seat and back sections.

•Without a doubt, the Beckerman chair is the conversation piece. It has a structured look.  But then again its ribbed, wing like sections remind us of organic forms like tree branches. The wind goes through its steel rods like it wood through the branches of trees.

Kudos to this great furniture designer!