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Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining
August 9, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

This homeowner clearly wants to offer his/her guests a fabulous rustic outdoor dining experience. Ralph Lauren Table Décor fits here perfectly.

Can you guess where this is? It could be in Montana, it could be on a rooftop in New York City… since this homeowner created a world onto itself. Kudos!

I love that there is a certain, consistent point of view here: from the wood canapé complete with wisteria, the rustic custom-made light fixture to the table, chairs and railings everything is made from rustic wood. It is compelling.

I am personally not even a fan of this rustic style. But the quality and consistency of this installation make this one simply beautiful! Love to be invited over for a dinner under the stars here.

For even more inspiration check out the many other outdoor table spaces on SabinesHome. Create your own version!!!!  What has been your favorite backyard dining experience this year so far? Give your guests an unforgettably beautiful experience.