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Organic Architecture

Organic Architecture
December 17, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Just looking at this photo I feel it lifts my spirit- not surprisingly this is a chapel.  It begs this question:…

Why only build square or round buildings with simple flat or gable roofs….

Why not break the “rules” and come up with new vernacular, perhaps one referencing nature?!

The architect most known for these contemplations and now body of work is Frank Gehry.  Below are two of his buildings.  The first shows an office building on the west side of New York City on 17th street.

I drove past it repeatedly a this past weekend and found that it captivated me each time. With the Hudson River on one side and the facade of building on the other side, I could not help but think of the wave-like action of water when I look at the Frank Gehry building.

Gehry office building

Below is Gehry’s famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Again, the building is located near water.  Sections of buildings coexist as individual entities as well as one overall structure.



It’s always worthwhile challenging conventional thinking!  This relates to an overall design as much as specific products selected.  Even if one does not like a particular structure, innovation in and of itself is refreshing!